|| Loyalty To The Land Of Quisqueya ||

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Guanahata Ben Emmanuel


Quisqueya, mother of my soul
Beautiful queen, beautiful land
Over your destiny you've lost control
And your glory dies in your sand.

Quisqueya of my dear heart
What have you become, you've been torn apart.
Oh Indian spirit, you have long been forgotten
Will you ever rise again?

Queen Anacaona, with pride we remember your name
You fought the conquistadors and threw them in a lake of shame.
We'll teach our children the history of our land and people
to remind them of you and the days of struggle.

Quisqueya of my beloved ancestors
I can still see the bones of our fathers and mothers.
I'm haunted by your deep and ancient past
I may be the last Arawak but how long will I last?


*Quisqueya: Original name of the island divided into Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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