|| Loyalty To The Land Of Quisqueya ||

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The Faces

Behind every movement, there are faces. Behind every face, there is a mind. Behind every mind, there are thoughts. Here are the thinkers that gave birth to the Haitian Arawak Movement (H.A.M.):

Guanahata is the founder of the Haitian Arawak Movement. He is a student at SUNY Upstate Medical University. He is an avid reader and has a strong passion and devotion to matters concerning the land of Quisqueya and its people.

Joseph Pyram
Joseph is the co-founder of the Haitian Arawak Movement and site architect of haitianarawak.com. He is a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. His academic concentration is in Computer Science. His yearning to reconnect with and pay homage to his ancestors has led him to partake in this movement.

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