|| Loyalty To The Land Of Quisqueya ||

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We are the living descendants of the Arawak/Taino nation(s) of the island of Haiti/Quisqueya. Today, we exist as a mixed blooded people proud of both our African and Native American (Arawak) ancestors who fought so bravely so that we could have a free nation. Unfortunately, our Indian ancestors have been forgotten in our history; some claim that they were completely extinct. Today, we want to exclaim: We are still here!

We will honor our Arawak ancestors the way that they deserve to be honored and will give them a respectful place in Haitian history. Our ancestors protected and cared for our people and that is why today we also make it our duty to help our country through various charity works by providing food, school books, clothing, financial assistance and more to those in need. Today I am sending a personal message to all Haitians whether they live in Haiti or in the Diaspora and to all caring and civilized people to help us make this possible by providing us a helping hand through donations . Whatever you can give will be appreciated no matter how small. The only reason I am asking is because I am but one person, I alone cannot accomplish this task but with all of us together a new Haiti is possible.



New Writings:

Areyto: Traditional poem with spoken historic words that can be read or sung.

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