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The Mission

Many reputable historian, who have written about the indigenous people of Ayiti, have stated that the Arawak/Taino people were totally exterminated post-colonization. These claims are made by either those who do not know our history well or those who wish to further their socio-political agendas. Consequently, we have taken upon ourselves to defend our history and ancestors, the Arawak/Taino people. They have fought for us in the past, today, it is our turn to fight for them. We have made it our mission to immortalize these martyrs so that when we die, they may welcome and give us a place among the sacred souls of the Arawak warriors.

We have delineated a few short and long term objectives that may assist in accomplishing the mission that we have assigned ourselves:

  1. To honor our Arawak and Carib ancestors by keeping their culture alive and well preserved.
  2. To prove that the Arawak did survive and their blood continue to flow in the veins of many Haitians today.
  3. To study and analyze pertinent historical aspects of Haitian thought, society, and culture.
  4. To persuade our government to give a holiday to the Arawak people, which we would call 'Le Jour des Indiens' (Indian Day).
  5. To raise money to build Indian statues honoring our ancestors in Haiti, in places such as the airport and the Champs de Mars.
  6. To restore original Arawak names to some historcical Haitian sites, which presently have French names.
  7. To restore honor to our land by renaming it Quisqueya instead of Hispaniola.
  8. To measure exactly (through DNA testing) the percentage of the Haitian population that is of pure or mixed Arawak descent.
  9. To have Indian images printed on Haitian currency.

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