|| Loyalty To The Land Of Quisqueya ||

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The Words

Here is where is set the battlefield. It is here that we prepare to wage a war of ideas against ignorance. It is here that we demystify the mystery of the Zemi*. It is here that we sharpen the words that will shred lies into pieces. It is here that we resurrect our ancestors through our thoughts. Here is where our thoughts become words and our words become truth.

May the truths contained in these pages enlighten you!

On behalf of our ancestors,

Joseph Pyram


-Mourning the Loss of One of Our Own
-Honoring Our Arawak Ancestors
-Hatuey: The Forgotten Haitian Cacique
-What Is a True Haitian?
-Dr. Odette R. Fombrun: On renaming the Island.


-A tributary Areyto*: Quisqueya.

Historical Documents

-Haiti's Proclamation of Independence

Zemi: Name of the Arawak gods. The ancient Arawaks were polytheists.
Areyto: Traditional poem with spoken historic words that can be read or sung.

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