Haitian Arawak heritage

The noble Arawaks were, without a doubt, Haiti's first freedom fighters. They protected and defended our Land by making the greatest alliance in the history of our country. An alliance that brought together Arawak/Taino freedom fighters and the honorable men and women (whose true identity may still be unknown) who had been brought from every corner of the African continent. It was this remarkable alliance that, generations later, would bring Haiti's independence in 1804. Unfortunately, our Indigenous ancestors have long been forgotten in our history; some even claim that they were completely extinct. Today, we want to declare to the world : The Arawak blood continues to flow in our veins!

Some people ask why do we fight to preserve Haiti's Arawak Heritage instead of doing something else? To that we say, who will do it if we don't?
Remember, there is no true Haitian history without our Arawak/Taino ancestors. We ask the generous people of this world to please help us honor our Indigenous ancestors the way that they deserve to be honored, and consequently give them a respectful place in Haitian history. Today, we are sending a personal message to all Haitians, whether they live in Haiti or in the Diaspora to support this noble project.


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