Many reputable historians have made the claim that the indigenous people of Haiti/Ayiti had been totally exterminated post-colonization. Unfortunately, these are false claims made by either those who either do not know our history well enough or those who wish to further their socio-political agendas. Consequently, we have made it our mission, especially through education, to restore and preserve Haiti's Arawak heritage by bringing awareness of the unique role the Arawak ancestors played in the shaping of our identity today. It is now our duty to make sure they are given their rightful place in Haitian history.

May the memories of our Arawak/Taino ancestors live forever!

We have delineated a few short and long term objectives that may assist in accomplishing the mission that we have assigned ourselves:

  • Honor our Arawak ancestors by keeping their culture alive and well preserved.
  • Prove that the Arawak did survive and their blood continue to flow in the veins of many Haitians today ( through DNA testing ).
  • Persuade our government to give a holiday to the Arawak people.
  • Raise money to build Indian statues honoring our Arawak ancestors in Haiti, in places such as the airport and the Champs de Mars.
  • Restore original Arawak names to some historical Haitian sites, which presently have French names.
  • Have Indian images printed on Haitian currency.
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